Norsk Innovasjonskapital AS

Norsk Innovasjonskapital AS (NIK) was incorporated in August 2010 as a private limited company pursuant to the Norwegian Private Limited Companies Act. Its headquarter and registered office is at Tollbugaten 24, 0157 Oslo, Norway.

Vision and strategy

NIK shall create the highest possible return on invested capital through investments, development and exits from selected ventures originating from Norway’s leading technology research and development clusters and innovation parks.

NIK shall operate as a commercial investment company seeking competitive returns on invested capital. Through the manager, Televenture Management IX AS, the Company will be an active owner in the companies in which it invests and be a professional and competent partner for the portfolio companies’ management, board and shareholders.

Company Portfolio


Genetic Analysis AS

NIK OWNERSHIP: 24,38%    FOUNDED: 2008    SECTOR: MEDTECH    ORG. NO.: 993 373 575

BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: Genetic Analysis AS (GA) has the goal of being a leader within the field of molecular diagnostics of diseases related to gut imbalances. By utilizing the DNA-based GA-map™ array technology, profiles of a patient’s gut microbiota is quickly generated and can be related to various health conditions. Genetic Analysis has developed a DNA-based technology platform that allows for simultaneous analysis of a large number of similar (but not identical) gene fragments in one reaction. The company’s focus is to utilize this technology platform to identify variations in the hundreds of different bacteria that exist in the gut (large and small intestine). GA-map makes it possible, for the first time, to offer a diagnostic solution – including early detection - for many diseases that are affected by imbalances in the gut microbiota. Genetic Analysis will offer kits and services for a wide range of applications, based on its GA-map platform.


Franatech AS

NIK OWNERSHIP: 87,15%    FOUNDED: 2006   SECTOR: OIL & GAS, INDUSTRY   ORG. NO.: 993 498 8902

BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: Franatech is a company specialized in development, production and supply of underwater sensors for dissolved gases. Franatech products are used world-wide for industrial applications like offshore O & G, aquaculture, water and waste water, hydroelectricity. They are also deployed by scientific institutions for ecosystems studies in the deep-sea as well as in lakes, climate research studies, and study of ocean acidifications. Franatech disposes of a fully equipped laboratory for sensor calibration and tuning.

Helix Technologies AS




Nicarnica AS

NIK OWNERSHIP: 73,11%    FOUNDED: 2009    SECTOR: INDUSTRY   ORG. NO.: 994 186 817

BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: Nicarnica Aviation AS is a company specializing in infrared and ultraviolet remote sensing solutions. Nicarnica are specialists in the detection of volcanic ash from ground based and airborne sensors and are able to offer a number of solutions relating to volcanic hazards. Nicarnica also offer solutions for a range of applications for the improvement of airport safety and efficiency.

Clarity WTS AS

NIK OWNERSHIP: 66,21%    FOUNDED: 2005    SECTOR: INDUSTRY   ORG. NO.: 888 664 912

BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: CLARITY WTS AS offers a unique and patented technology to reduce unwanted organic waste from fresh and salt water in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner. In addition the downdraft principle and aerification allows for an efficient CO2 degassing. The protein skimmer is available in several sizes, ranging from small applications to sizes suitable for larger land-based recirculation systems.

Hybrid Energy AS

NIK OWNERSHIP: 94,55%    FOUNDED: 2004    SECTOR: ENERGY   ORG. NO.: 986 959 718

BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: The company has developed a patented Hybrid Heat Pump System that makes it possible to deliver high temperatures up to 110 C. The company is based in the Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) and had his first installation of a hybrid heat pump in 2002. Since then, the Company has more than 125,000 hours of operating experience with proven low equipment wear and with average 80% energy savings. Hybrid Energy is currently the only supplier of this unique technology. All of the systems use the natural working fluid water and ammonia and is built around standard low pressure ammonia equipment.

Light Structures AS

NIK OWNERSHIP: 62,75%    FOUNDED: 2001    SECTOR: OIL & GAS, INDUSTRY   ORG. NO.: 984 060 084

BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: Light Structures AS’ core technology- SENSFIB Hull Stress Monitoring and Condition system – is based on fiber optic sensors which can be used across a number of different application areas, including Shipping, Oil & Gas and the Wind Turbine sector. The system collects and analyses strain data via unique Fiber Optic sensors placed in key locations on the ship providing real time objective measurements of the current conditions such as hull loads and warning of load levels that represent an immediate threat to hull integrity and fatigue accumulation rates.

Wavetrain Systems AS

NIK OWNERSHIP: 78,95%    FOUNDED: 2009    SECTOR: INDUSTRY   ORG. NO.: 994 483 404

BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: Wavetrain Systems AS is a company dedicated to railway safety, and in particular safety at level crossings. The Company has developed a robust and reliable warning and safety solution for level crossings based upon new novel technology. Wavetrain Systems AS deliver solutions for railroad warning systems, one system for Level Crossings called LCWS (Level Crossing Warning System). The solutions provide substantial savings to the clients compared to current systems and without compromising on quality.