Norsk Innovasjonskapital II AS

Norsk Innovasjonskapital II AS (NIK II) was incorporated in January 2011 as a private limited company pursuant to the Norwegian Private Limited Companies Act. Its headquarter and registered office is at Tollbugaten 24, 0157 Oslo, Norway.

Vision and strategy

NIK II shall create the highest possible return on invested capital through investments, development and exits from selected ventures originating from Norway’s leading technology research and development clusters and innovation parks.

NIK II shall operate as a commercial investment company seeking competitive returns on invested capital. Through the manager, Televenture Management X AS, the Company will be an active owner in the companies in which it invests and be a professional and competent partner for the portfolio companies’ management, board and shareholders.

Company Portfolio


Bergen Bio AS

NIK OWNERSHIP: 1,90%    FOUNDED: 2007    SECTOR: BIOTECH    ORG. NO.: 992 219 688

BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: BerGenBio AS is a biotech company built on proprietary Screening technology used for the research and pre-clinical development of novel drug targets, associated biomarkers and first in class therapeutics for the treatment of cancer, with lead programs against metastatic drug resistant solid tumors, EMT and drug resistance. BerGenBio’s is driven by a powerful technology platform called CellSelect that provides greater biological insight to the role and function of targets and illustrates therapeutic benefit through regulated dose response therapeutically mimetic studies of target inhibition and translational preclinical modeling.

Hammertech AS

NIK OWNERSHIP: 58,20%    FOUNDED: 2009    SECTOR: OIL & GAS, INDUSTRY    ORG. NO.: 994 710 060

BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: Hammertech provides a new, innovative and cost efficient water fraction detector that can identify a water producing location. Information regarding the production water can be gathered from the AquaWell downhole water conductivity and fraction meter, from the AquaField water fraction and conductivity meter for topside and subsea applications, and from the AquaKeel level profiler for separator tanks.


Icefresh AS

NIK OWNERSHIP: 36,10%    FOUNDED: 2006    SECTOR: MARINE   ORG. NO.: 989 677 977

BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: IceFresh has developed and patented a unique distribution concept for convenient packed seafood. The distribution concept includes optimized processing solutions, nitrogen freezing, storage at ultra low temperatures and a science based method for defrosting allowing customers to offer refreshed seafood products anywhere just in time.


METAS (Marine Ecosystem Technologies AS)

NIK OWNERSHIP: 23,79%    FOUNDED: 2009    SECTOR: OIL & GAS, INDUSTRY   ORG. NO.: 994 210 580

BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: METAS provides systems for monitoring of the marine ecosystem, including subsea installations within the oil & gas industry. Product portfolio includes a wide range of products from a single underwater camera to complete Lander Systems where an scientific acoustic sounder is the main sensor. A wide selection of sensors (customer selected) can be added to this platform.


One2Touch AS

NIK OWNERSHIP: 27,03%    FOUNDED: 2009    SECTOR: ICT   ORG. NO.: 994 485 776

BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: The company’s NFC wireless keyboards are the first NFC keypads on the market, and they allow the user to simply place the smartphone on the keyboard and start typing. With One2Touch, it’s as simple as touch & type – no cables – no battery charging – no pairing other than a simple touch between the phone and the keypad. All models are foldable to pocket size.


Seacalx AS

NIK OWNERSHIP: 49,88%    FOUNDED: 2012    SECTOR: MARINE   ORG. NO.: 998 710 227

BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: Seacalx AS develops new medicinal products for treatment of sea lice, herunder Qlice. Qlice shall be used for de-licing of salmon, Lepeophtheirus salmonis. Qlice is effective, safe. Does not harm the environment. Seacalx will develop and sell pharmaceuticals via veterinarians to target the fish farming market.




Solid Media Group AS

NIK OWNERSHIP: 3,19%    FOUNDED: 2011   SECTOR: ICT   ORG. NO.: 996 771 067

BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: Solid Publication AS is a SaaS (Software as a Service) company that develops and market web-based tools which enable the customer to easily and professionally manage and analyze company activities across multiple channels in social media. Solid Publication is helping companies and people manage the complexity of this new social paradigm by producing tools and solutions which are more simple, affordable and effective than any other social media systems available in the market.