Norsk Innovasjonskapital III AS

Norsk Innovasjonskapital III AS (NIK III) was incorporated in June 2011 as a private limited company pursuant to the Norwegian Private Limited Companies Act. Its headquarter and registered office is at Tollbugaten 24, 0157 Oslo, Norway.

Vision and strategy

NIK III shall create the highest possible return on invested capital through investments, development and exits from selected ventures originating from Norway’s leading technology research and development clusters and innovation parks.

NIK III shall operate as a commercial investment company seeking competitive returns on invested capital. Through the manager, Televenture Management XI AS, the Company will be an active owner in the companies in which it invests and be a professional and competent partner for the portfolio companies’ management, board and shareholders.

Company Portfolio


APIM Therapeutics AS

NIK OWNERSHIP: 35,43%  FOUNDED: 2009   SECTOR: BIOTECH    ORG. NO.: 894 298 952

BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: APIM Therapeutics pursues a novel drug approach with a potential to potentiate the action of a wide range of chemotherapeutic drugs currently used for the treatment of several types of cancer. APIM develops proprietary peptide drugs targeting PCNA (Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen), a key DNA repair protein regulating cellular responses to DNA damage and stress. APIM has obtained preclinical validation of its lead drug candidate ATX-101 in in vitro and in vivo anti-cancer models.


Applied Petroleum  Technology AS

NIK OWNERSHIP: 38,38%    FOUNDED: 2012    SECTOR: OIL & GAS   ORG. NO.: 999 195 393

BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: Applied Petroleum Technology AS (APT) offers high quality analyses and consulting to the oil industry within the areas of exploration and production and the disciplines of organic/inorganic geochemistry, biostratigraphy, sedimentology, structural geology and basin modelling. APT is the only service company in Norway offering this combination of geological services in-house and with a staff boasting extensive oil-company experience.


Augmenti AS

NIK OWNERSHIP: 97,00%    FOUNDED: 2007    SECTOR: ICT   ORG. NO.: 992 104 678

BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: While virtual reality technology (VR) completely replaces reality, augmented reality (AR) supplements reality by blending the real and the virtual in the actual physical environment. Augmenti AS seeks to become market leading supplier of AR solutions to national and international military and defense industry, within NATO and other partner governments. Augmenti’s technology can also be applied in other areas including architecture and urban planning.


Bitreactive AS

NIK OWNERSHIP: 71,10%    FOUNDED: 2011    SECTOR: ICT   ORG. NO.: 997 140 672

BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: Bitreactive AS has developed and launched a technology platform for rapid development and maintenance of M2M applications. Examples of such are logistics applications based on RFID and NFC technology, sensor networks or smart metering. The company’s development tool, the Building Blocks, speeds up development of applications and facilitates creation and integration of components by third-parties in the process. The Building blocks will offer an integrated marketplace, distribution channel and interaction network for the development of M2M applications.


Boostcom Group AS

NIK OWNERSHIP: 30,56%    FOUNDED: 2000    SECTOR: ICT    ORG. NO.: 982316448

BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: Boost Communications delivers technology and services for mobile first marketing and mobile advertising, helping brands, advertisers and publishers mobilise web and monetise mobile.


Ceramic Powder Technology AS

NIK OWNERSHIP: 71,79%    FOUNDED: 2007    SECTOR: MATERIALS/NANO    ORG. NO.: 991 900 829

BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: Ceramic Powder Technology AS (or CerPoTech AS) specializes in the development and synthesis of advanced ceramic powders. CerPoTech uses spray pyrolysis for the fabrication of high quality multi component ceramic oxide powders. A wide variety of high purity, chemically homogenous powders of narrow particle size distribution can be produced by this method. With this technology, CerPoTech is able to tailor complex oxides in relative large quantities with high quality, excellent for further processing.


Compbuoy AS

NIK OWNERSHIP: 100,00%    FOUNDED: 2011   SECTOR: OIL & GAS    ORG. NO.: 992 104 678

BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: The company is developing cost leading insulation and buoyancy material for deep water applications such as floating buoys and risers targeted for water depths between 1,000-5,000 meters. The material has low density and can endure high pressure for underwater use.


CondAlign AS

NIK OWNERSHIP: 90,70%    FOUNDED: 2010    SECTOR: MATERIALS/NANO    ORG. NO.: 996 081 001

BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: CondAlign’s is developing the next generation advanced materials and process technology based on its proprietary electric field control technology. The CondAlign process can be used to reduce costs and enhance functionality in materials that exist in a wide range of products. The technology is based on electric field manipulation of conductive nanoparticles that form conductive wires in the material. This enhances the conductive properties and functionality of the materials while keeping the cost low.


CrayoNano AS

NIK OWNERSHIP: 49,89%    FOUNDED: 2012    SECTOR: MATERIALS/NANO    ORG. NO.: 998 682 525

BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: CrayoNano introduces a new patented hybrid material with unique properties. This is obtained by growing semiconductor nanowires on grapheme. The model is generic, and thus applicable for all semiconductor materials - template for a new production method for semiconductor devices. The new hybrid material offers excellent performance, and combines low cost, transparency and flexibility in new electrodes that also opens for new applications, e.g. flexible touch screens. Semiconductors grown on graphene are expected to become the basis for new types of device systems as a replacement for silicon in electronics.


Hystorsys (Hydrogen Storage & Systems) AS

NIK OWNERSHIP: 91,21%    FOUNDED: 2005    SECTOR: INDUSTRY   ORG. NO.: 989 001 841

BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: Hydrogen Storage & Systems AS (HYSTORSYS) is a developer and manufacturer of efficient, safe, and sustainable hydrogen energy storage and compression systems based on metal hydrides. In the development, particular focus is devoted to hydrogen system solutions intended for autonomous and environmentally friendly energy production and distribution from renewable energy sources. The company possesses more than 10 years of expertise on hydrogen based stand-alone power systems (H-SAPS) including photovoltaics (PV), PEM electrolysers (ELY), PEM fuel cells (FC), advanced hydrogen storage technologies such as metal hydrides (MH), and balance of plant (BoP).


Initial Force AS

NIK OWNERSHIP: 39,22%    FOUNDED: 2006    SECTOR: ICT   ORG. NO.: 990 340 048

BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: Initial Force AS has developed an easy to use, yet highly sophisticated motion analysis system primarily for sports training and coaching. The system integrates force plate technology and multiple high speed cameras to receive biomechanical feedback, providing sophisticated data for the user. Swing Catalyst's ground breaking and proprietary motion plate technology is the first fully integrated system which allows the user to see and measure rotational forces from a player’s actual golf swing.


Stingray Marine Solutions AS

NIK OWNERSHIP: 29,50%    FOUNDED: 2012    SECTOR: INDUSTRY    ORG. NO.: 999 059 198

BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: Stingray Marine Solutions AS has developed and patented an Optical delousing technology by using camera vision, software and laser to allow for fully automatic louse removal from the fish. The method is a gentle and sustainable sollution for controlling the amount of sea lice in net pens.