Norsk Innovasjonskapital IV AS

Norsk Innovasjonskapital IV AS (NIK IV) ws incorporated in April 2015 as a private limited company pursuant to the Norwegian Private Limited Companies Act. Its headquarter and registered office is at Tollbugaten 24, 0157 Oslo, Norway.



NIK IV shall create the highest possible return on invested capital through investments, development and exits from selected ventures originating from Norway’s leading technology research and development clusters and innovation parks.

NIK IV shall operate as a commercial investment company seeking competitive returns on invested capital. Through the manager, Televenture Management XII AS, the Company will be an active owner in the companies in which it invests and be a professional and competent partner for the portfolio companies’ management, board and shareholders.

Company portfolio

Cloudberry Mobile AS

NIK OWNERSHIP: 40,3%  FOUNDED: 2012   SECTOR: ITC    ORG. NO.: 998 341 663

Cloudberry is an outsourcing partner to the mobile operator for indoor coverage. Cloudberry provides indoor coverage to end customers for a monthly fee. There is no investment (CAPEX) and operation cost (OPEX) for the mobile operator.

Documaster AS



Glucoset AS

NIK OWNERSHIP: 51,1%   FOUNDED: 2012   SECTOR: MEDTECH   ORG. NO.: 992 780 922

Glucoset develops a real-time intravascular blood glucose monitoring system, reducing harmful hypoglycemia and making Intensive Insulin Therapy possible in the Intensive Care Units (ICU). The effect of all ICU patients receiving insulin is reduced mortality and significant savings in high-cost patient group.


Holberg EEG


Holberg EEG is a digital health software company leading change in the global EEG Industry where 10-25 million EEGs are recorded every year. Holberg EEG delivers solutions for standardized reporting of EEG, vastly improving quality of the EEG assesments. The Holberg EEG solutions describes the EEG examinations in a structured enabling future predictive analysis and diagnosis based on machine learining and AI.



NIK OWNERSHIP: 100%    FOUNDED: 2013   SECTOR: BIOTECH    ORG. NO.: 911 637 979

Inhbio is a Bio-materials company developing non-toxic preventative ”state-of-the-art” additives reducing the biofilm challenge for a number of industries. Unwanted biofilm is a costly problem in a number of industries like shipping, food production & packaging and aqua-culture and the costs are measured in billion of USD pr. year.



NIK OWNERSHIP: 24,6%    FOUNDED: 2013    SECTOR: ICT    ORG. NO.: 912 197 905

Mazemap provides indoor maps and navigation services, in a market that is booming due to larger and more complex buildings as well as the Internet-of-Things (IoT). Mazemap offers a solution that provides online interactive maps, available through any browser: searchable, linkable, user-friendly and always up-to-date. Reduces time in 2017 to make maps with 50% by improving processing, using machine learning/AI to recognize doors, rooms, elevators and stairs.